Meet JUVÉDERM® Volux: The Best Dermal Filler Injectable Treatment for the Jawline

As dermal filler injectables continue to become more sophisticated, along with improved techniques and tricks by experts who inject them, the ability to enhance the jawline has evolved thanks to this new jawline filler taking the market by storm. Yes, we’re talking about Allergan Aesthetics’ new jawline filler JUVÉDERM® Volux XC. 

JUVÉDERM® Volux is the first FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler uniquely designed to help restore facial balance and create a stronger jawline. As a national trainer for Allergan Aesthetics, Jennifer Cobbs, PA has exclusive early access and experience with JUVÉDERM® Volux. She uses the most advanced techniques to ensure proper dosing and natural-looking results. If you would like to book an appointment for this new jawline filler then schedule an appointment with Jenn today.



What Is JUVÉDERM® Volux?

This new jawline filler can reduce your jowls and create a more refined or stronger jawline. JUVÉDERM® Volux is the newest offering from Juvéderm that has recently received FDA approval. The main difference between this and other treatment options from JUVÉDERM® is that this treatment is specifically for the jaw area. Other procedures tend to focus on areas aside from the jaw, while JUVÉDERM® Volux is one of the only options that are specifically made for the jawline.

So, if you want a stronger, more refined jawline, then JUVÉDERM® Volux XC is an ideal option. Participants reported high satisfaction with this jawline filler treatment. For a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, it provides jaw-dropping results. 

How Is JUVÉDERM® Volux Different From Other Fillers?

The key difference between the JUVÉDERM® Volux XC and other fillers is that the substance has more structure, which gives it more lift capacity. Since there are many patients seeking treatment for the jaw area, a commonly reported trouble area for many professionals, JUVÉDERM® aimed to create a filler that specifically provides more defined jawline results for patients.

What Does JUVÉDERM® Volux Do?

Since JUVÉDERM® Volux is a dermal filler, it contains hyaluronic acid, which fills in the space between the skin and the muscle. Hyaluronic acid filler injection treatments are typically used to increase fullness, however, since JUVÉDERM® Volux XC has more structure than a typical hyaluronic acid treatment, it results in a more sculpted jawline.

If you’re looking to improve your weak chin or create a stronger jawline, then JUVÉDERM® Volux XC could be the treatment you need. Clinical trials have shown that this dermal filler provides more jawline definition for a longer time. And since this jawline filler is a typical hyaluronic acid treatment, it’s minimally invasive and only takes around 30 minutes to apply.

This type of dermal filler is also known as a “lunchtime treatment”. This is because the JUVÉDERM® Volux jawline filler doesn’t take long to administer and you can literally get the treatment on your lunch break and experience noticeable results.


How does Jawline Filler Work?

This type of jawline filler is injected much deeper into the skin. Instead of sitting between the skin and the muscle, this dermal filler is closer to the actual jaw bone. This is how JUVÉDERM® Volux creates a stronger jawline and chin.

Since this dermal filler can provide more structural support than other options, it can easily give immediate results on the lower face. This is one of the most unique dermal fillers you can get from Allergan Aesthetics. 

Who Is Eligible for the JUVÉDERM® Treatment?

If you’re looking to enhance your jawline or weak chin then JUVÉDERM® Volux might be an ideal treatment for you. This new jawline filler can also help to create or restore facial balance, strengthen your profile and smoothen irregular jowls. Ultimately the best way to decide if you are a good candidate for this product is to book a consultation. Jenn Cobbs is a board-certified physician assistant with over 16 years of experience. She strives to provide natural-looking results through a detailed consultative process. 

Side Effects of the JUVÉDERM® Volux

Like any type of dermal filler, JUVÉDERM® Volux comes with possible side effects. It has similar side effects to other fillers. And while adverse events are rare, it’s important to understand the side effects before booking this treatment. Like any dermal filler, you can expect some pain, bruising, swelling, and tenderness around the treatment area.

That said, these side effects typically subside after two weeks, so you won’t have to worry about long-term negative side effects. However, keep in mind that there is also a risk of infection and vascular occlusion, which is why it’s very important to only get this treatment from a licensed injector with experience who can properly administer the treatment.

Why get JUVÉDERM® Volux?

If you want to get a more sculpted jawline with better definition, then this is the best noninvasive injectable treatment option. This is the only dermal filler specifically designed for the jawline. It has much more structure than other fillers and will be able to lift the skin and do wonders for your chin and jawline.

Many patients are satisfied with the treatment, and we can testify to the effectiveness of this treatment since Jenn has exclusive early access to the JUVÉDERM® Volux product before everyone else. Unlike other fillers, this new jawline filler can last up to a year or more under certain conditions, making it one of the most sought-after options for anyone looking to strengthen their weak chin and define their jawline.

Book a Jawline Filler Treatment in Atlanta

If you’re looking for a quick and convenient way to define your jawline, get rid of jowls, and improve your weak chin with long-lasting results, this is a great non-surgical option. JUVÉDERM® Volux is one of the only fillers you’ll find designed for the jaw and chin area that’s also approved by the FDA. So, book an appointment with Jennifer Cobbs, PA at JC Aesthetics LLC today and schedule a consultation to learn more about JUVÉDERM® Volux.