What is Facial Balancing with Fillers & How Long Does it Last

What is Facial Balancing with Fillers & How Long Does it Last?

We all have specific facial features that could benefit from facial balancing. This treatment is designed to even and fill out certain facial proportions with just the right amounts of dermal filler. That way, you instantly improve facial feature symmetry and facial balancing, giving you a more symmetrical appearance.

And if you’re looking for a more balanced facial appearance, you’ve come to the right place. Jenn Cobbs, PA-C, specializes in facial balancing treatment for facial asymmetry. At her clinic, you can get facial injections with minimal downtime to improve your facial profile and even provide you with a more youthful appearance.

But before you go in for a facial balancing treatment, it’s important to understand what it is and how long it lasts. That way, you can go into the treatment with realistic expectations about what it can offer you.

What is Facial Balancing with Fillers & How Long Does it Last

What is Facial Balancing With Fillers?

Facial balancing is a type of facial rejuvenation designed to give you a more balanced and symmetrical appearance. This is a fairly simple non-surgical procedure that only takes a few minutes and can be used for multiple areas of the face.

During the treatment, a licensed professional administers dermal fillers to different areas of your face. When consulting for the treatment, they’ll ask you about areas you want to balance with dermal fillers and then calculate exactly how much to add to different areas to improve facial symmetry.

That way, they inject the perfect amount of hyaluronic acid filler to achieve your ideal facial balance.

When you go in for facial balancing with Jenn, rest assured that she’ll take the time to assess your facial features. That way, ensuring harmony in the selected areas is much easier, and you have a much better chance of achieving the desired outcome with the face-balancing procedure.

Whenever you go in for facial balancing treatments, make sure to find experienced injectors. That way, they understand how many dermal fillers you need to get realistic and natural-looking results.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Facial Balancing Injections?

Anyone wanting a more well-balanced face can benefit from facial balancing treatments. These procedures can be used on a number of specific features, from your lips and cheeks all the way to your temple hollows.

Typically, facial balancing with dermal fillers requires multiple injections around various sites. That way, you can comprehensively improve your facial appearance and symmetry.

Remember, facial balancing isn’t supposed to change your face. Instead, it enhances and balances different facial features to give you a more balanced look. So, ground your expectations before going in for treatment.

While anyone looking for more balanced facial features can go in for facial rejuvenation, it’s important to consult an experienced injector like Jennifer Cobbs, who won’t just determine if you’re a good candidate. She will also take a good look at your face to determine what type of dermal filler you need, the possible side effects, and other important factors.

What is Facial Balancing with Fillers & How Long Does it Last

Areas You Can Enhance with Facial Balancing Treatment

One of the major reasons facial balancing is one of the most popular types of dermal filler treatments is because of its versatility. Remember, this treatment is designed to provide you with better overall symmetry. So, you can get dermal filler injections on various areas of your face to give you a more balanced and youthful appearance.

Here are some of the different areas where people usually get facial balancing fillers injected!


One of the most common issues people have with their face is hollow cheeks. It’s very common for cheeks to be the most hollow areas of the face. So, you can book facial balancing sessions to fill out your cheeks and ensure they are balanced. Facial balancing on the cheeks can achieve some amazing results, so book your consultation today to determine what types of filler you need for this area.


It’s pretty common for people’s lips to require adjustments.  Just like with the cheeks, an experienced provider can inject fillers into areas of your lips to correct proportions, hydration or plump them.  At our clinic, Jennifer will examine you very closely to determine what makes sense for your lips. From there, she determines what hyaluronic acid filler you may need, how much filler is needed to add volume to your lips, and where to inject the fillers. That way, the fillers will work for your unique face, providing you with a much more balanced look. Since this is such a personalized treatment, it’s important that your injector has an artistic eye to determine how to enhance your features.


The area under our eyes is another hollow problem area for many people. As we age, it’s common for people to lose volume underneath their eyes. On top of that, this is an area that commonly develops wrinkles, which is why many patients go in for facial balancing to correct their hollow under-eyes. Not only will the treatment fill out the desired area, but it can also reduce wrinkles and improve overall symmetry. But since this is such a delicate area, it’s important that your injector has a skilled hand to perfectly administer the treatments.

Jawline and Chin

Fillers can do wonders to your chin and jawline, especially if you notice an imbalanced profile. The jawline and chin are some of the most noticeable areas of the face. So, even the slightest discrepancy in the proportions is very noticeable. This is why we highly recommend getting facial balancing injections in these areas to improve facial symmetry. Jennifer is highly experienced in administering injections to balance out and enhance a person’s chin and jawline. So, contact her today to learn about the different things you can do to improve the ratio of your chin and jawline.

Temple Hollow

You can also get a dermal filler injected into the hollow area of your temples. You may not notice this area too much, but it can really start to sink and hollow out with age. So, a simple injection to this area can greatly improve facial symmetry and give you a younger look. Our top-tier injector, Jennifer Cobbs, knows exactly what fillers work on the temple hollow area, so she’ll be able to give you the desired results in no time.

How Long Do the Results of Facial Balancing Last?

If you want your facial balancing injections to last a longer time, it’s important to get high-quality dermal fillers built to last. There are hydraulic acid as well as collagen biostimulator treatments to ensure the longest duration possible. That way, you can rest assured that you’ll get a safe treatment that will last a long time.

Typically, fully facial balancing treatments with dermal fillers can last over a year. Routine maintenance and follow ups should occur every six months to ensure your results are lasting as long as possible. So, if you want to correct facial asymmetry for a longer time, make sure to get face-balancing injections from an experienced provider.

Facial Balancing Before & After Photos

Facial balancing is a very quick and efficient procedure. When you go in for a facial balancing treatment, you can expect minimal downtime. So, while there might be some swelling around the injection area, this will disappear, and you’ll have beautiful results in no time. To give you a better idea of what facial balancing does to the face, here are some before and after photos of some of our clients.

As you can see, our patients experienced slight changes to their overall facial proportions. And while the treatments didn’t completely change their face, they definitely enhanced and balanced out certain areas. That way, they get much more desirable proportions without any clear signs of treatment.

Book a Consultation With a Facial Balancing Expert Today

Before getting facial balancing, it’s important for patients to book a consultation with an expert. That way, they can talk about any possible concerns with the procedure, explain the areas of their face they want to inject, and talk about what can be done to improve their overall facial symmetry. Additionally, a consultation allows patients to learn about any possible complications and concerns with the treatment, such as swelling, immediately after injections.

The first step to a successful aesthetic treatment is a comprehensive consultation. That’s why Jenn makes sure all her patients go through the consultation process. When you book a consultation with Jenn, rest assured that you will learn everything you need to know about these dermal fillers and what they can do for your face. 

So, book your consultation today and experience the difference in facial balancing in no time!